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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by Raising Good.

I am beyond proud to offer my fundraising and business development skills through Raising Good; a fundraising collective dedicated to raising good. It has always been a priority of mine to assist charities, communities and companies expand their knowledge in fundraising and community investment, and ultimately exceed revenue goals.

It starts with People. Raising Good is committed to helping people understand that giving is a lifestyle, it’s a behaviour, it should be a standard of living. Helping people achieve their personal best includes giving back to the communities they live in, and encouraging others to do so. Corporate Social Responsibility is a rewarding program in any company, but are you giving to the causes that align with your company? Can affiliating with a certain cause be more helpful or harmful? Learning the principles of fundraising is fun, and Raising Good helps you become a natural.

It helps Profiles. Raising Good is committed to raising your pubic profile through a variety of public relations strategies and tactics. Through social media, community investment and marketing strategies, we help your community profile become more noticeable to your desired clientele and stakeholders.

It encourages Performance. Raising Good is committed to facilitating signature events that raise money and draw in targeted stakeholders; creating strategic plans that are consistent with your current resources; and raising money to help you achieve your mission and vision, paralleling your organizational values. Performance begins with setting the bar high, and Raising Good will advance you to the next level.

“I look forward to helping charities, entrepreneurs and corporations raise good in the Northern communities.” – Avery Brohman, Principal of Raising Good

Avery Brohman has over 10 years of experience in the Fundraising and Development sector and is committed to helping the charities and companies across Northern Canada raise some good in their communities. Avery helps teams reach their goals with a personalized consulting approach. By creating specialized strategic plans encompassing a multi-level focus on online/social solicitation, peer to peer fundraising, sponsorships and events, and community investment, Avery will take your organization to new lengths.

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